We Have Co-operated with Azerbaijani Clients for Many Years

We Have Co-operated with Azerbaijani Clients for Many Years

6 june 2024 0000

Our enterprise has been one of the largest producers of electro-technical equipment since 1956. The Works has accumulated a wealth of experience and traditions during those years and is a major manufacturer of oil transformers, dry-type transformers and sub-stations in the whole of the post-Soviet space.

We constantly upgrade our product specifications and designs. Our research and testing laboratories are well-equipped to carry out the necessary product tests. We mainly offer oil and dry-type transformers in Azerbaijan – they are in the highest demand in the local market.

We have been participating in the Caspian Power exhibitions for many years. Our principal goal is to make ourselves seen once more, to emphasise our image and to meet up with our friends and clients. We have known many of them for a long time. At the same time, we would like to make new acquaintances, demonstrate the products to people off our stand and let them know of our services. We have long been co-operating with a great many companies in the building and assembly industry of Azerbaijan. They specifically use our products in their work.

It appears to me that there was a greater impact back when we were only beginning to become engaged in exhibiting. Live contacts are abating gradually now in view of the tech and digital world advances. One would not want this to be happening, of course, because a live exchange of opinions and experience is much more effective. The conservative industry that it is, the energy sector requires the human factor, personal meetings and negotiations. We absolutely plan to take part next year as well.

Oleg Beydik, Marketing Specialist, METZ (METW - Minsk Electro-Technical Works)