The highly beneficial business program of the exhibition

The highly beneficial business program of the exhibition

6 june 2023 0000

Sabina Ibrahimova, BA from Baku State University

My first impressions: there are a lot of companies at the exhibition: everything is aesthetically designed; it is clear where and what is located, namely which companies are related to logistics, chemistry, and energy. Indeed, it is very gratifying that such events are held in our city. I think that the exhibition is organized at the highest level.

All participants have a very positive attitude and all companies have promotional materials on their stands. This makes it easier to understand whether a company is interesting to us or not.

Some exhibits shocked me personally. For example, the products of Uralmash, which brought a huge amount of equipment.

We represent a consulting company dealing with renewable energy sources. Our goal at the exhibition is to see what companies are involved in this field, analyze their presence on the market, get acquainted with their products, etc.

Next year we plan to participate in the exhibition with our stand. My colleague was eager to meet partners in a B2B format.

I think that another positive thing is the panel discussions with an important topic called "Women in Energy," in which I took part.