The future belongs to alternative energy

The future belongs to alternative energy

8 june 2024 0000

My company Glisic Construction is engaged in construction, I am an electrical engineer. I always enjoy visiting any exhibition at the Baku Expo Centre because my company was involved in building the premises.

We took art in Caspian Power in various years. Coming to this exhibition helps me personally to analyse the perspective development of our company. It was good to see, apart from local companies, also representatives of a good range of overseas firms, including the Russian and Chinese ones, with which we are co-operating.

The green energy trend is gathering momentum worldwide. The relevant segment of the exhibition has attracted special attention. The future belongs to alternative energy, and one should stick to this direction and implement corresponding technologies in our business. For instance, an Italian company offered whole alternative energy generation factories, and we have an interesting budding business relationship with them.

The exhibition once again emphasised its advantages. A rhetoric question arises sometimes: is one exhibition a year sufficient? Azerbaijan is the centre of the region and the participation in it of major players from many countries would have afforded them greater business development and regional advancement opportunities, I think.

Alexander Glisic, Owner, Glisic Construction