The best projects based on solar energy

The best projects based on solar energy

6 june 2024 0000

Helind acts as the distributor for Solax - an innovative enterprise known for its strong research and development capabilities across R&D, production, sales, and service. To date, Solax products have received more than five hundred international certificates, validating their high market demand. Solax promises its customers a future based on clean and sustainable energy derived from solar sources. As a leading global provider of solar solutions and the primary producer of hybrid inverters in Asia, Solax has grown into a multinational conglomerate in only a decade, with a workforce of over 2,000 employees globally.

Today, at our Caspian Power stand, we are showcasing a range of devices and installations focused on renewable energy. These include inverters that harness energy from solar panels, sleek battery installations with appealing designs, and chargers for electric vehicles. Leveraging our prior experience in participating in exhibitions, we aim to raise awareness about our offerings through Caspian Power. This presents a valuable opportunity to connect with potential clients, as exhibitions serve as focal points for both residents and international visitors.

We are presently engaged in negotiations with potential partners. I strongly support the idea of hosting a separate exhibition specifically focused on the "Green World," especially in light of 2024 being designated as the "Year of Solidarity for the Green World."

Orkhan Guluzade, Business Manager at Helind