New pipeline transportation trends

New pipeline transportation trends

16 May 2023 0000

Vadim Schwarz, Sales Director, Fibron Pipe Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Set up in Germany in 2019, FibronPipe GmbH is a part of Radius Group that encompasses 22 operating plants and over 9 thousand highly competent personnel. The Group's turnover is over EUR 1 billion. Our principal manufacturer of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) pipelines is in Saint Valentin (Austria).

The product they fabricate is a new trend and step in the pipeline business; a three-layer solid thermoplastic composite pipe with reinforcing fiberglass layers. The product is resistant to corrosion, displays negligible deposition on inner walls, has a long service life, is easy installable, and presents low service costs. The fabrication process emits minimal of noxious substances into the atmosphere.

The pipelines are designed to transport gaseous and liquid media at a pressure between 16 and 210 bar; they have proven themselves with oil&gas producers that operate in different conditions.

Fiber reinforced polymer pipelines from FibronPipe GmbH are unique in terms of their design and fabrication, where state-of-the-art materials and AI technologies are utilized. Owing to their design, the throughput capacity of such pipelines is 30-60% above that of steel lines; besides, FRP lines are resistant to corrosion wear and depositions.

The company offers a flexible approach to pipeline systems operated by oil&gas producing, refining/processing and other facilities that do liquid transportation, i.e. under high pressure.

We offer design, installation and service support in Azerbaijan plus potentially preferential payment terms.

The reason why we are participating in Caspian Power is we want to update companies that use steel products in their pipeline systems on the technological developments, the "window of opportunity" to optimize pipeline costs and improve their operations quality-wise, and other new possibilities the new technologies offer. Besides, it will help expand the vision of its application in other fields of oil&gas sector and grow our business contacts.

We consider the exhibition format to be one of the effective business tools, and expect interest in our products, new acquaintances, and expanding horizons of our activity.