Networking meetings within the exhibition are productive

Networking meetings within the exhibition are productive

10 june 2024 0000

Aggreko is an energy services solution provider. We work with our customer to help with their energy transition on an OPEX model as opposed to a CAPEX model. So, instead of purchasing equipment, what we provide is on a temporary basis. So, when a company has a challenge or an interruption of energy, we would use our equipment that we own plus our engineering team and our engineering skills to design a temporary solution that could be implemented quickly to solve the problem and then it can be removed once the issue is passed. It could be a seasonal challenge or a lack of supply chain. So, that’s what Aggreko does globally.

Our main product line is temporary power. So, that would be from diesel driven generators or gas engines or energy storage in the form of batteries, or sustainable solutions around solar, biofuels, and other forms of fuels to generate temporary energy.

By participating at this event, we have reached our goal of reconnecting with the clients whom we work with globally, and we also want to work on local level with Azerbaijan and wider Caspian region. It’s been a great exhibition. We have managed to meet a lot of people and reconnect, so, we are very happy. And from this we hope we will be out to build business up in Azerbaijan. Mainly, the visitors we have spoken to have been from companies of interest, companies that we can certainly work with, and it has been a high-level caliber of delegates, so, it has been great. It’s a nice size event where you’ve got a good mix of people and it is not too large that you can get lost in the event, but it is also big enough to be a meaningful collection of companies. Yesterday was a very busy and productive day: we met a lot of people and the networking B2B meetings that were arranged upstairs were very nice. That’s a nice way of meeting key people one after another may be very productive in the morning.

Mark Butler

Area Sales Manager for UAE and Caspian