In the world of bearings

In the world of bearings

2 June 2022 0000

Yuriy Moiseenko, Manager for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, ISB Industries

ISB Industries is a group of companies producing bearings. Our factories are located all over the world. We have over 2000 distributors. In general, we manufacture everything related to the world of bearings and movements. Our range of bearings is one of the widest in the world.

We have warehouses all over the world. And we are distinguished by the fact that we can provide quality products quickly and at a really affordable price. The foundation of our business ties in Azerbaijan was laid already two years ago, before the pandemic. During this time, we exchanged commercial and technical documentation with our partners. In the new season, we started our business with participation in the exhibition "Power and Renewable Energy" and specific sales proposals. We brought several types of our products for the exhibition.

At the exhibition we expect to meet  manufacturers from all industries who may be interested in our product. About the exhibition: the event is interesting, during just few hours of work we have acquired new connections and contacts.

The exhibition has become an important platform for the development of the industry and business. I believe that the exhibition today is of a presentation nature, where you can see the product, compare it, and learn about its technical capabilities.