I met a great variety of local and foreign brands

I met a great variety of local and foreign brands

7 june 2024 0000

Our company Leatek is engaged in the supply of foreign products to Azerbaijan. Every year I visit the Caspian Power exhibition. I am very pleased that there is a large selection of various local and foreign brands here. I am mainly interested in lighting fixtures, electrical appliances, and cables. I always manage to get new information about the electrical equipment on the stands.

In the first hall, I conducted talks with SOCAR, as well as other foreign companies, of which there are many at the exhibition. I exchanged views with representatives of Azenco as well. In the second hall, mainly suppliers are concentrated, and contact with them is very important for me.

I came to the exhibition in order to find new customers for our products. I would also like to learn more about the participants' construction projects and offer them our services and equipment. As a regular visitor, I can say that if the exhibition leaves good memories, it means that it is organized perfectly. I didn't notice any flaws in the organization. I managed to achieve all the goals and objectives that I set for myself before coming to the exhibition.

In the following years, I would like to meet even more companies. I believe that such exhibitions play a very important role in the development of this field. They bring together specialists and businessmen, so you do not need to travel all over the city, visit every office in a row. You can find everything you need at once, and the main thing is to have live contact with potential partners. I am happy to visit the exhibition next year.

Zaur Saifulin, Business Development Manager at Leatek