Guarantee of accuracy of measuring instruments

Guarantee of accuracy of measuring instruments

5 june 2024 0000

Our company provides diagnostic and maintenance services, calibration laboratory services, as well as chemical laboratory services for local and foreign companies in the oil and gas sector. We have branches in Turkey and Georgia, and we cooperate with such large local companies as BP, SOCAR and others. We provide maintenance services for high voltage transformers and relay protection testing. Our company offers high-quality calibration, preventive maintenance and repair services for a wide range of equipment, both in the laboratory and on-site.

Today, at the Caspian Power exhibition, we present, in particular, a chromatograph. We sell infrared cameras that help identify gas leaks. These cameras are in high demand in the oil and gas sector. We are also distributors of Meatest, a company offering calibration equipment from scratch.

By participating in this prestigious exhibition for the third time, the company strives to offer its services internationally. We want customers to understand that our preventive maintenance guarantees them the accuracy of measuring instruments. Customers need confidence in safety. Correct and accurate measurement is crucial in this context.

Inaccurate measurements can lead to costly economic consequences. We hope that in the coming years we will be able to enter the global market. During our last participation at the exhibition, we signed a memorandum with Metachrome, which also produces chromatographs and other measuring devices. This year we have compiled for ourselves a list of local and foreign companies with which we would like to cooperate in the future. Holding such exhibitions is very important for the development of the energy sector and the oil and gas sector. Visitors can get acquainted with various services of companies, see products and share experiences.

Emin Mammadov, Head of Calibration Department at CBM Engineering