Flexible solutions for the power generation industry

Flexible solutions for the power generation industry

26 may 2023 0000

Marco Lovisolo, Ansaldo Energia Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing

Ansaldo Energia is a full-service provider of proven, flexible solutions for the power generation industry. Thanks to its well-established know-how, the company covers every stage in the design, construction, commissioning, servicing and maintenance of both complete plants and hi-tech equipment. The capabilities of Ansaldo Energia are founded on 170 years of experience and the participation in hundreds of projects worldwide. Ansaldo Energia’s mission and vision show the commitment of the Company to carbon neutrality and universal access to energy sources – goals which can only be achieved by enhancing the innovation level and flexibility of the entire power generation system. After the recent acquisition of the contract with Azerenerji, to which we will supply four gas turbines, Ansaldo Energia is honored to presents itself at this event as a reliable and secure partner, which can guarantee important support to the country during the energy transition. Ansaldo Energia and Ansaldo Green Tech will provide a complete overview of all the products and solutions available both in the field of traditional electricity generation and in the areas of hydrogen and storage.

Ansaldo Energia offer is characterized by its ability to respond to all customer and market needs promptly and effectively. In particular, the AE 94.3 A gas turbine guarantees great operational flexibility which means they can be started up quickly in order to meet these needs: these turbines have cumulated over 4 million equivalent operating hours worldwide. They are a well-established solution with applications for baseload and peak, suitable for both Combined and Simple Cycle plants. Both the hardware and the control system offer advanced self-adjustment capability. They can easily adapt to the chemical composition of natural gas and different gas blends and they can burn hydrogen up to 40% (as proven by >250,000 EOH of cumulated field experience), reverting at any moment to 100% CH4 for safe backup operation. The breadth and completeness of the solutions proposed by Ansaldo Energia to the market covers a range that goes from the 80 MW of the AE64.3 up to our top-of-the-range H-Class GT36 machine, already capable of burning up to 70% hydrogen.

The strategic partnership between Italy and Azerbaijan extends to the Energy sector, where Ansaldo Energia can play a key role in the modernization of the infrastructure.

Against this background, Ansaldo Energia has recently signed a very significant contract for the extension of the "Azerbaijan" power plant, located in the city of Mingachevir: Ansaldo Energia will supply four AE94.3A gas turbines that will be installed as an additional combined cycle, thereby adding more than 1250MW electric power to meet the growing energy needs, and contributing to the protection of the environment by reducing the consumption of natural gas. The participation of our company to Baku Energy Week 2023 therefore highlights the deep involvement and strategic cooperation between Ansaldo Energia and the local power sector, and will provide excellent opportunities of high level institutional and B2B meetings to enhance Ansaldo Energia’s business opportunities with local companies.