CASPIAN POWER - We hope for good results!

We hope for good results!



Slavica Mijajlovic-Bogojevic, PLAMEN Export Manager

The Serbian company PLAMEN is engaged in the production of low voltage cable fittings. The plant exists since 1986. Our workshops cover an area of ​​10,000 square metres. We export to 47 countries of the world.

We produce a product that is needed wherever there is electricity, where it is simply necessary to connect the wires.

This is our first participation in the “Power and Renewable Energy” project. It is difficult to make conclusions on the first day, however we hope for good results. Consumers of our products are power grids, distribution networks, assemblers, builders. We are here to find partners among them, to present our products. That is why today we have brought a small part of the most necessary, in our opinion, popular product: aluminium, copper and metal lugs for connecting bare wire, various clamps, and medium voltage fittings.

And here is our new product - polyester cabinets. This product is new on the market. With the use of modern technologies, under pressure, polyester is transformed into a completely different, very reliable material. Cabinets for electric meters are made from this material. There are more than 60-70 varieties of them.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has cut off people from each other. And the exhibition is a place where we can meet again, share information with each other, learn a lot of new things. The exhibition turned out to be serious, large-scale and is organized at a high level.