CASPIAN POWER - The only company doing HVAC work on the offshore platform

The only company doing HVAC work on the offshore platform



Ilhama Mammadova, Procurement and Supply Chain Manager, Vertex CJSC

As a construction and repair company, Vertex CJSC will introduce services such as all types of Offshore/Onshore Electrical Works, including ATEX inspection and certification; Installation and Maintenance of Offshore/Onshore HVAC Systems; Offshore/Onshore Pipelines, Pipeline Installation, Tooling, Metal Production, Welding; Offshore/Onshore Construction and Installation Services; Humans and Energy Supply, Network, etc. to exhibitors at the Caspian Power 2022. You can get more information about our products and get the necessary recommendations by visiting our stand during the exhibition.
We offer International Standards and Local Prices in the Azerbaijani Market. We represent a number of international companies in Azerbaijan and the Caspian region, for example, we are the only agency of Johnson Controls Company and CTS.

In addition, Vertex CJSC has 18 years of experience in the market and is always ahead with its high-performing- workforce, materials from key market suppliers, and continuous development of safety standards. We would like to inform you that one of the main features of Vertex CJSC is that, it is the only company in Azerbaijan that operates HVAC on an offshore platform.

The exhibition is a great opportunity for exchange of experience, as well as to get answers from experts for questions that have long been in mind. Surely, our current position in the local market enables us to say that Vertex CJSC is completely ready to expand its activities to foreign markets. At present, our action plans continue in this direction. We are working on potential markets for our products and services that need to be exported. The fact that our company demonstrates its activities at the exhibition confirms the growth of our customer base in the future.

We look forward to the opportunity to introduce new services in Azerbaijan, answer questions and communicate face-to-face with our customers; and we are deeply grateful to the Caspian Power 2022 for making this a reality.