CASPIAN POWER - Energomera is looking for partners in Azerbaijan

Energomera is looking for partners in Azerbaijan



Yuri Kasuyanenko, Energomera Representative  

- Energomera is a rapidly developing and diversified industrial holding company; it has a stable and leading position in the world market. Our concern unites seven high-tech factories in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and China, including two corporate institutes and five agricultural enterprises.

We have come to Azerbaijan to find partners in the local market. This exhibition is a landmark event at the regional level, and we are confident that customers in Azerbaijan can choose us. The best evidence in our favor is a large customer base, which includes more than 150 manufacturers of high-tech products. In addition, our company is known as the world's largest producer of synthetic sapphire for the industry of light emitting diodes and smart phones, as well as the largest manufacturer of metallization pastes for solar energy.

Another area of our activity is the manufacturing of instruments. In Russia, we take a leading position in terms of the production of electricity meters; we have produced six generations of electronic meters for the last sixteen years. Annually, more than three million counters come off the conveyers of Energomera plants. In 2015, our company produced its 30 millionth meter.

The exhibition is attractive and companies from many countries are represented here. Hence, there is an ample opportunity to present your company, while studying the products and proposals of colleagues. I wish good luck to all participants of the exhibition.