CASPIAN POWER - We actively explore the local market

We actively explore the local market



Maria Birdik, Advertising Manager of JSC SVEL Group.

- The Russian company SVEL Group was founded in 2003 and specialises in the manufacturing of power transformers, dry and oil power transformers, current limiting coils, complete transformer substations, current and voltage transformers, complete switchgear, and modular transformer substations. We are not participating in the exhibition for the first time. Having obtained good results last year, we have come here again.

This year, we present electrical equipment, transformers, substations, complete distribution systems, and reactor equipment. We are here because we want to share experiences, explore the local market, and of course, as our main goal, to initiate new contacts. During the years of participation in the exhibition we have begun to understand what is happening in your market, we have studied the competition, and have come to certain conclusions. Our managers are actively working with people they met here. The exhibition is wonderful and the organisation is at a high level; we are very satisfied!