CASPIAN POWER - Azerbaijan




Baku, Fineko/ The State Statistics Committee reports that 4.6% of power generation in Azerbaijan was of no commercial significance in Jan-Jun 2015 against 5.13% in 2014.

The Committee informs that total power generation reached 11.684 bn kWh over Jan-Jun that exceeded the generation level for the 2014 same term by 2.5%. In June generation totaled AZN 1.684 bn versus AZN 1.665 bn in May, 1.923 bn kWh in April, 2.134 bn kWh in March, 1.97 bn kWh in February and 2.305 bn kWh in January.

Traded generation reached 11.144 bn kWh (+2.5%) or 95.4% of total generation in Jan-June 2015. The generation sources of 4.6% of power have not been specified, as thermal and hydro power stations generate only traded power volumes.

Generation of traded power made up only 1.607 bn kWh in June against 3.416 bn kWh in May, 1.8 bn kWh in April, 2.033 bn kWh in March, 1.886 bn kWh in February and 2.2 bn kWh in January of 2015.

Over Jan-Jun hydropower plants generated only 911.3 million kWh (86 million kWh in January, 56.2 million kWh in February, 91.7 million kWh in March, 179.8 million kWh in April, 291.2 million kWh in May and 206,4 million kWh in June) that exceeded the level of Jan-Jun 2014 by 20.3%.

Thermal power plants generated 10.227 bn kWh (2.1 bn kWh, 1.829 bn kWh, 1.941 bn kWh, 1.650 bn kWh, 1.29 kWh and 1.399 kWh) in Jan-Jun 2015 that was by 1.2% more versus Jan-Jun 2014.

In 2014 total power generation reached 23.111 bn kWh (+6.7%) and trade power energy 21.926 bn kWh (+6.3%). Hydroelectric power plants generated 1.233 bn kWh (-10%) and thermal power plants 20.68 bn kWh (+7.4%).