CASPIAN POWER - Metallic cable support systems from Turkey

Metallic cable support systems from Turkey



Halil Gudem, Manager of ADRIC ELEKTRIK

- Our company is one of the largest manufacturers of metal cable support systems in Turkey. It has its own production facilities, equipment and technology for the production of cable channels, which take into account the increasingly strict environmental protection requirements. Our experienced staff work on the design, development and sales of our products. ADRIC ELEKTRIK also produces the cable accessories and moulds for the production of cable trays in its factory.

With an annual production capacity of 30 thousand tons, the plant produces 1.25 million metres of cable trays per month.

ADRIC ELEKTRIK products have been well-known in the Azerbaijan market for 15 years, which we consider as our contribution to the development of the Azerbaijani economy. Our wide range of products has gained popularity among Azerbaijani consumers, not only due to their quality, but also because of our company